Inside the barrel is an educational series of events we started, to allow everyone the chance to learn more about the art of crafting two of our favorite liquids; beer & bourbon. When making beer we know it's grains, yeast, sugar, water & hops. When distilling we know it's fermented grains. But there is so much more in crafting quality than just throwing some ingredients together. The science behind it is mesmerizing and daunting, often times overwhelming. How can we alter these things, adjust the heat, control the fermentation process  and capture the right age to produce a drink that is exceptional? We only have the slightest clue.  Where do we start? We always crave knowledge, we want to know about how this process works, how each element affects the final outcome. We are always trying to learn more about what we serve. The best way to do that is to go straight to the people who make it. Join us as we invite distillers and brewmasters to come and take us inside the barrel and host educational classes. Each class will explore a different beer or spirit, how it's produced and history of the brewery/ distillery. The classes will include several different tastings and all of the knowledge from each craftsman. They will have the chance to showcase their own brilliance and share the story behind the liquid. We keep these classes fairly small so you can have time to interact & pick their brains. Bring your sense of adventure and list of questions. These classes are made for everybody from the novice, to the connoisseur. 


Current Events

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Lawson’s Finest 12/7 5pm until ????

Kinsey Distillery (Kick Ass Local Distillery) 12/18