We grow stuff. We have a 500 sq ft garden which we use to grow various different produce. We mainly grow a lot of strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and squash, but we also try to grow other things. We have perennial foods like horseradish, blackberries, and raspberries. Some items we grow a lot of, some things we don't grow many of. We grow without pesticides, herbicides or any other cides. A lot of this produce we use at the restaurant. To us this garden represents connectivity. We tend to forget about where our food  comes from and what it takes to produce it. This garden allows us to bring that idea to the forefront albeit on a very small scale. Growing our own truly becomes a moment of pride for us because of that connectivity and it also allows us to be able to serve what we grew. In some cases from seed to your plate. This small scale hobby of ours further enhances our appreciation for all the true farmers and the hard work that goes into their labor. While this is a hobby, we are quite passionate about the experience of growing fresh produce. 

 This is our gallery of that garden. 

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